Drop in to my public classes!

yoga-studio-san-antonio-texas-class-fitness-gym-barre-11Mondays @ 6:00 pm, Rasa Vinyasa at Formation Collective. “Rasa” is the sanskrit word for “juicy or essence.” This juicy flow class uses creative movement and the transition between poses to create strength and flexibility, concentration and focus. This is a full spectrum vinyasa class that will get your body moving. Leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to step into the flow of your week or weekend. All levels welcome.


ON HOLD FOR JULY, RETURNING IN AUGUST Tuesdays @ 6 pm, Come as You Are: No Frills Yoga at the San Antonio Mennonite Church. Treat yourself to no -pressure yoga, appropriate for nearly all levels of practitioner (you do need to be able to get up and down off the floor). Pay what you can. The class is offered with the support of CFAR: The Center for Formative Action and Reflection.

Yin@5PointsMarch2018 copyTuesdays @ 7:30 pm, Yin Yoga at 5 Points Local. This is class is designed to de-stress the mind and body with seated and reclining poses, supported by bolsters and blankets and held for a long time to encourage deep relaxation at the cellular level. You will leave feeling refreshed!

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings @ 6 am, you can “Rise Strong” with a strong flow at MBS Yoga in King William. You will feel so good and ready for your day!

Thursdays @ 9:00 am Yoga Fundamentals @ MBS Yoga in King William. Get introduced to the basics of alignment in essential yoga poses that will start you on a practice to nourish and sustain you for a lifetime.