Drop in to my public classes!

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings @ 6 am, you can “Rise Strong” with a strong flow at MBS Yoga in King William. You will feel so good and ready for your day!

Thursdays @ 9:00 am Heated Aligned Yoga @ MBS Yoga in King William. Get introduced to the basics of alignment in essential yoga poses that will start you on a practice to nourish and sustain you for a lifetime.

Thursdays @ 6:00 pm Power for Deep Release @ MBS Yoga in King William. Crave the kind of endorphin-drenched bliss-body release you get only after a great strong flow?Then this class is definitely for you. Perfect for focusing your monkey mind while deeply rooting into your body- this class uses biomechanical principles and yoga alignment to improve flexibility, build strength and release tension in the big muscle groups you work every day.