Drop in to my public classes!

Yin@TranscendJan2018Sundays@ 12:15 pm, Yin Yoga at Transcend, 140 Fredericksburg Road. A warm restorative practice designed to stretch and increase mobility in the joints, yin yoga is a perfect complement to your regular workout routine or more active hatha or vinyasa flow.

Tuesdays @ 7:30 pm, Yin Yoga at 5 Points Local. This is class is designed to de-stress the mind and body with seated and reclining poses, supported by bolsters and blankets and held for a long time to encourage deep relaxation at the cellular level. You will leave feeling refreshed!

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings @ 6 am, you can “Rise Strong” with a strong flow at MBS Yoga in King William. You will feel so good and ready for your day!

Thursdays @ 10:30 am Yoga Fundamentals @ MBS Yoga in King William. Get introduced to the basics of alignment in essential yoga poses that will start you on a practice to nourish and sustain you for a lifetime.

Saturdays, Noon Strong Flow @ MBS Yoga. Get your weekend workout with all the benefits of yoga, gaining strength and flexibility in a low-impact practice that builds long muscles and nourishes joints and soft tissue.