I am so excited to be co-leading a retreat in beautiful Belize, December 8-15 with Cassandra Fauss, founder of Mobile Om in San Antonio, TX. Get away from the everyday and immerse yourself in island life with a week of bliss! We’ll be at the exquisite Ak’bol Retreat Center on Ambergris Caye to revive mind, body and spirit before the hectic holiday season. Click on the photo for FULL information and to reserve your spot! Use Promo Code Lesley Belize for $100 off your deposit! 

Yoga with Lesley

CFAR seriesMy goal is to offer high-quality, reasonably priced yoga and wellness programs to the people who need it most: community-based nonprofit employees, teachers, social services providers, civil servants and activists. 

Your work is visionary. It requires the constant renewal of upward and outward flowing energy to imagine social change, envision the path, and then meet with inevitable and persistent resistance. Without a regimen of self-care that includes regular inward-directed activity, it can be easy to lose your way or burn out.

Yoga can be a powerful tool to help sharpen your focus, renew your sense of purpose, and create the necessary balance to align your values with your actions in the course of your work and in every day life.

The asana practice redirects that outward focus back inward. A strong, movement-based physical practice not only balances out all the mental work you do on a daily basis, but also teaches you to recognize the wisdom of your body, the conduit of your creativity and emotional intelligence.

Step out of your headspace a couple times a week. Experience the intelligence of your body. Know its strength. Release the emotions it stores. Accept the gift of your own body’s movement. It will recharge you and make you a more powerful fighter for your cause.

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