a haiku

A couple of years ago, I challenged myself to write 10 haikus a day for 100 days. With a few exceptions (some days I couldn’t quite get to 10!), I completed the 100 days and ended up with almost 1000 haikus. A few of them were even ok!

In the process, I read a lot of haikus. I learned that the best haiku speak to the heart. I wrote a poem about it:

Richard Wright wrote haiku. I’m reading it.

Mostly I just read along: ok, ok, ok
and then
a little gasp
I pause
he gets something exactly right.
your KNOW that place
recognition. it strikes softly in the body. But it does strike.
you FEEL it.

head head head — heart. yes. that’s it.


Here’s one of Wright’s haikus:

And though level full

The petal holds its dew

And without trembling

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